29 March 2006

Can I leave you a mesage?

This is the proposed memorial park for the World Trade Center in NYC. Personally, I think it's beautiful and would sit nicely in the financial district in Manhattan. And something really bizarre happened this week at Ground Zero. Some construction workers found human remains from 9/11 on the top of a nearby building that is set for demolition. That is absolutely crazy. Forensic scientists are going to do tests to find out who they belong to.

And speaking of basketball...it was great to see a sleeper step into the final four. But to be honest, I have not watched an entire basketball game all season (NBA or NCAA). I just can't get into it. It's lost its appeal to me. I'm just so ready for baseball season. The Cards have picked up some great position players in the off season and I am ready to see how they do.

In other news, Aruban officials have come to the conclusion that Natalee Holloway was not taken out to sea. Tests have shown that any human body dumped less than two miles off shore would have drifted back to shore. Someone would have had to take her more than two miles out and radar shows that there were no boats more than two mile off shore that night. They are now presuming that her body has been burried on the island more than one time. They are about to start a seach and attempt to cover the entire island using dogs that have been trained in Holland.

Ok I'm done.


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