23 March 2006

who me???

I have to admit. I'm a little bummed out about apple computers right now. The newest apples (macbook pro & Imac) have initiated using intel processing chips instead of the G-processors they used in the earlier models.

At first I was really excited about this because of how much faster the dual processor in the Imac was going to be. Well, my friend got a brand new Imac a few weeks ago and it has crashed 4 times in almost as many weeks. His last computer (Imac G4) never crashed in the several years that he owned it. And, personally, my Powerbook G4 has never crashed in the almost 5 years that I have owned it.

I truly expected better from these new computers and am dissapointed to see that Apple had the guts to step into the PC world just a little bit and there are already problems.

NOTE: I am not against PCs or PC users. I am typing this from a great Dell PC right now. I just wish Apple would have stuck with the formula that has been proven to be great.

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