19 August 2008

And The Only Prescription Is......

More Lip Synching? CGI Fireworks? Underage gymnasts? Flawed judging? No, silly. It's More Cowbell. At least that's according to the old and wonderful Walken addage.

For me, though, it's more Olympics - the true highlight for me every four summers. And aside from it being the pinnacle of sports performances and athletic achievement, the drama and scandal are all-the-more intriguing. But now that we're a good ways into the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, let me count the ways that I've enjoyed it thus far.

Men's basketball: The US Men's team is not overrated and extremely enjoyable to watch. LeBron and Kobe and Wade and....well I won't list them all since they're all amazing, but sure have been puttin' a whoppin' on those foreign boys.

Swimming: Dara Torres, the 41-year-old wonder woman of the sport was stunning to watch and inspiring to learn her story (isn't it great to have all the back stories of the athletes?). And, well, duh, Michael Phelps. King of the pool (or the water cube, as they're calling it. I still think that's silly). He's unreal. Simply put, he's the best and can quantify that with not only gold medals (all eight of them), but nearly as many new world records.

Tennis: All I know is there were some shocking upsets. No, really...that's all I know.

Gymnastics: I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about when it comes to gymnastics, but I do know that there is scandal here and I know that the US Women are amazing (and older than 14....Ohhhhhhhh burn). But seriously, while, personally, I feel like the US women deserved more gold than silver, I know that they are great youngsters and deserve the support they've received.

Women's Beach Volleyball: You want my opinion? The women, although amazingly talented, are kind of butchy and not very inspiring other than their true skill on the sand. Let's just let the May-Walsh record speak for itself.

Track and Field: The Jamaicans are fast. Really fast. Wow.

Table Tennis: My only questions is, Why doesn't ESPN cover this year-round? It's amazing.

Well, that's all I have. Actually, that's not true, but I'll will let this go to bed now. I have a lot more music stuff coming up, so I'll go dream about what to blab about on that.


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