19 August 2008

It's Been A While

Yes. The title of this blog is extremely true, in that I haven't posted in quite some time, but more importantly it's lyrics to an awesomely underrated Stained song. Except that Stained is awful and I clearly didn't mean that.

Ok, now that I have you all warmed back up we can jump into one of the many interesting things going on right now. The Olympics? We'll get to that in another post, as I'm assuming I'll need to write a lot. But for now I'd like to chime in on the Presidential forum held at Rick Warren's (The Purpose Driven Life) Saddleback Church in California.

This is clearly a forum taking a Christian-based approach, but it is nice to see the candidates follow a one-on-one format with Warren as opposed to the long-winded and often times boring debates. And it was particularly refreshing to hear both men finally be outspoken about Christ's salvation in their personal lives (no more dancing around that topic).

You can check out the entire forum by following the above link, but some of the high points were Obama not backing down on questions of gay marriage, stem cell research and war in front of the church's congregation. He made a the point that a lot of what Christians want a President to do/change actually lies on the state (not federal) level and that while he hates and opposes abortion, he is still firmly pro-choice (the crowd's applause seemed oddly absent at this point, ha).

Reference back a lot of months on this blog and you'll find my stance on being Pro life. Or just email me.

Another high point was McCain's firm answers on almost everything. They were brief and un-wavering. A not-so-high-point, however, was after every firm, confident answer, McCain had to tell a story about being a POW or how he was tortured during his time in a Vietnamese prison. John, we know. It was bad. We know. I guess he's going for that Nelson Mandela factor.

Anyhow, I encourage you all to check it out and form your own opinions. You want to know my opinion? I though it hilarious when McCain said in reference to Osama Bin Laden, "I will follow him to the gates of Hell and bring him to justice." (return, the congregations massive applause).


At 7:12 PM, August 19, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

patrick- i missed obama's segment and am going to try to watch it on-line tonight... i found myself really worn out by mccain's constant referral to his past experiences... we get it.

i liked the fact that obama addressed federal vs. state decisions... i mean, isn't that what conservatives want- less government-run institutions? i guess unless its a christian president who will vote and act the way "they" want him to...

anyway, saturday is shaping up to be an interesting day as i am hearing its when the VP nominee will join obama in illinois. my bet is on biden. we'll see!


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