26 June 2007

I'm not the grateful bastard son

I must admit that I may be behind on the whole "White Stripes" thing, but I honestly did not like a lot (if any) of their music prior to "Get Behind Me, Satan." With their newest record, "Icky Thump," the Stripes definitely do it right. This is a great rock record. A little quirky and a little weird at times, but definitely different and certainly good. I'm just glad that they still do have some focus and they weren't just a quick fad like some of their earlier peers The Hives et al.

Also, I think Meg White may have learned to play the drums. Her drumming on the record is solid, but I've taken the time to get some great You Tube videos of them playing live (I personally like their recent Conan performance) and they make it happen and they make it awesome.

In a sad and very disappointing story, Chris Benoit of WCW, WWF and WWE fame was found dead with his wife and son in their Atlanta home last night. They latest reports are alleging a murder-suicide. Benoit was certainly a wrestling legend in his own right and it's nothing short of devastating to see a story like this.


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