13 August 2007

Jog on

My trusty Netflix cue so wonderfully delivered one of my favorite movies of the year to my house this weekend: Hot Fuzz.

Not only is there cameos from the likes of Steve Coogan (aka Alan Partridge) but this is one of the more perfect spoof films I've seen since Spaceballs or Young Frankenstein (both products of Mel Brooks' genius). From the lighting to the editing, the character names to the on-screen rapport between characters, every little detail is perfect and hilarious.

And if you liked Shaun of the Dead, you'll most certainly love Hot Fuzz

I'm also getting completely sucked in to "Three Nights in August" by Buzz Bissinger. You may know Buzz from a little book called "Friday Night Lights" or numerous articles in Sports Illustrated. He a great writer who took the better part of a baseball season - the longest season in professional sports, he notes - to dig into the psychology, strategy and pure, dumb luck that goes into managing an MLB team, in this case the St. Louis Cardinals.

Bissinger dissects a three-game series for one of baseball's most impressive rivalries against the Chicago Cubs. It takes a strong focus to really crunch each sentence of the book but it's extremely worth it. I'm sure there will a least one more blog about this book. I'm only partially into it and I'm excited about the rest to come.


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