09 July 2007

Sing you to sleep

I am on the heels of finishing Bill Bryson's wonderful book A Walk in the Woods. This is what Bryson refers to as "Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail." And that is exactly what it is...a wonderful rediscovering of a large part of our country that a majority of our nation knows nothing about.

Not only is Bryson a hilarious storyteller, but his educational heart is so refreshing to read. He tells the story from the start of the trail to the finish and all of the trial and hilarity that falls in between, but he teaches the reader about the history of each section of the trail, offers botanical insight into our nation's trees and plant life and a deeper understanding of the towns and regions that they encounter along the way.

It's been an extremely quick and easy read and has made me appreciate the simplest of American lives and has made me really want to make efforts to simplify things in my own life. It's also spurred me to really want to follow a teenage dream of hiking the AT.

I think my next read will follow the same theme of the outdoors and will likely be Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild.

I'm truly excited about reading some good non-fiction about the outdoors.


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