02 July 2007

I'll fall all over the place

If you pick up the newest copy of Spin magazine you will find a tasty little treat inside. It's a tribute record that Myspace and Helio (cell phones?) put out in conjunction with Spin and it pays homage to the wonderful Smashing Pumpkins.

I was certainly a little leery (as were many Pumpkins purists) of not only the idea of a Pumpkins tribute, but after seeing the list of performers who would be covering songs I became a little more than nervous about how these songs would come out. I was, however, pleasantly surprised when I heard the disc.

With the exception of Panic! at the Disco's (poor) rendition of "Tonight, Tonight" every song was not only appropriately fitting to the individual band's or artists' style, but was really good (or at least I think so). Even the skinny-jeaned, emo rockers, The Academy Is... version of "Mayonnaise" is pretty darned ok. It is still a little weird to hear the feedback in that song sound anything different than the way Corgan made it sound on "Siamese Dream."

I was extremely fascinated by Young Love's cover of "1979" which brings a jazzy piano style and vocal croon to one of my personal favorite Pumpkins' songs.

When all is said and done, I think the tribute came out pretty good despite one poor cover and Myspace being a part of it. I've enjoyed listening.

In international news, it's good to see more people being taken into custody in the UK surrounding the London terror plot and the car bombing at Glasgow International Airport on Saturday.

It's a crazy time to be the new British PM.


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