27 June 2007


I watched "Children of Men" last night. As emotionally exhausting as the movie is, it is amazing. The camera work was very up close and personal and helped really get you close to the characters and find empathy, joy and misery with them. The story completely sucked me in and the actors did such a great job that I connected with them on a deeper level.

As heavy as the movie was, I have to completely appreciate the fact that it was based on a well-written story, was wonderfully shot and directed and the acting was fantastic. I must say, though, that I may never want to see this movie again, simply because it was so emotionally taxing.

I've been listening to the new Editors record online today. In my opinion, it's not that good. The single "Smoking Outside.." is a great song with a strong melody and hook, but the rest of the record is just weak. Not to mention that you can't help but feel like you're listening to a bad Interpol ripoff when you hear it.

In journalism, I am in utter awe of US Weekly magazine for taking a stance to not publish any more stories surrounding Paris Hilton. I think for a semi-gossip publication they have just gained a little integrity with this decision. Now if they can just stay away from Crazy Spears and that Lohan chick, they might step into the realm of true journalistic legitimacy.

Oh, and England has a new Prime Minister. Apparently he's very stern. Let's hope that's a good thing. In former Prime Minister, Tony Blair's farewell speech he said some pretty powerful things about his stance on US support and the involvement of the British Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a great man, he is.


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