06 July 2007

Al Gore. A man on a mission. An Ambassador? A voice? A vigilante for environmental health and stability? Personally, I'm not so sure.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about being green. I've started recycling more. I even take frequent trips to the recycling center to drop off items that won't be accepted by curbside pickup. I don't run the AC in my car (as a ploy to save gas) and I even turn the water off when brushing my teeth. I try to encourage others to do the same. I love this earth and I would hate to see bad things happen to it, but the way I feel about Al Gore's approach to "being green" is another thing.

He is basically blasting, speaking down about or utterly criticizing anyone and everyone who is in his path of global (un)warming domination.

I rarely see him make encouraging statements on what "we" can do as a collective whole. The only thing I've seen lately is how the "Live Earth" concerts are going to save us all by bringing awareness to the world. I'm sorry, but a live performance by Shakira is not going to help change the world. Call me negative, pessimistic, or just plain mean, but let's get real here.

Al Gore has turned into one of those people that hands you cheaply made flyers on the street corner and demands "you'll destroy the earth if you don't change." The only difference is, Al Gore is a former Vice President.

Now, let's get practical. What can we do besides gripe that we're (read: I'm) annoyed with Gore. Well, go to Treehugger. There you'll find practical solutions you can apply to your life, products you can buy and people and organizations you can support in the fight for a greener globe.


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