19 July 2007

So Alone

A very depressing article on MSNBC states that if American obesity rates continue to climb the way they have over the past decade that 75% of all Americans will be overweight by the year 2015; 41% of who would be obese.

This is extremely sad to me. Not only looking at this and seeing the people who do not take their health/weight seriously, but also as an American this is horrifying because it is an indication of the state of our nation and our citizens' habits and health. Not to mention that if this statistic proves true that the US Health care system will be spending an absurd amount of money to help this 75% with health issues that will be involved.

Of course I understand that there are many people - American's included - that have genetic weight, metabolism or diet issues, but to have an estimated 225 million people overweight or obese is completely and utterly asinine.

Let's just say that American people need to get it together.


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