08 August 2007

...Not Van Haggar

I finally finished "Into The Wild." I absolutely loved this book in its entirety. Krakauer's writing style is something to be envied and the story of Chris McCandless is inspiring and intriguing.

Through re-telling the story of McCandless, Krakauer tackles the deeper, existential questions about life, like "What are we here to accopmplish?" and "What is absolutely necessary for me to live?" All great questions that reach deep into anyone who even thinks about their past, current and/or future lives on this earth.

Sean Penn has directed the movie for the story:

I only hope that Penn doesn't ever-dramatize the story of a man who wanted nothing more than to be simple and alone.

Mr. Barry Bonds set the all-time record for most homeruns, ever! Not a small feat, indeed. Now, all that dumb talk about cream, clear, anabolics, whatever is just tired and people need to get over it. None of that will take away from the fact that Bonds is one of the best batters to step up to the plate in the major leagues and done so with longevity, power and, yes, a great deal of attitude. I say "Congratulation, Barry. You are one of the greats."


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