16 August 2007

When you push I push back

It looks as if Ron Mexico....um....I mean Michael Vick is faced with a potential year in prison. He has until tomorrow morning to accept or reject the plea and according to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal Mexico is waiting to hear back from the NFL to see what their action would be if he were to plead guilty.

My only question is, "how can he *not* plead guilty?" What a creep.

I've been enjoying reading blogs from gamers who are refusing to play Vick for the Falcons on the newest John Madden Football video game. He made his bed, now it's time to sleep in it.

There's a lot of horrible news today. An Earthquake in Peru that left over 300 people dead and many more without homes. A few more bodies were found in automobiles pulled from the wreckage in Minnesota. More than 500 are dead this week in Iraq as a result of a string of strategic bombings.

All of this is horrible, negative news, but important that we know about it. It's not important that we know whether or not Britany Spears smokes around her kids or not.

In music, As Cities Burn released their newest record "Come Now Sleep." It is absolutely amazing. After the departure of their lead singer and bassist the guys could have easily collapsed. But they didn't and actually came out stronger with a record that is promising to be one of my favorite records of the year. Seriously.

I've also had a few days to dig into the latest Bright Eyes record "Cassadaga." I think (only think at this point) that this is Conor's best recording effort to date. He's magically (and thankfully) lost that shiver in his voice that made him sound like he was standing on a glacier or in a sub zero freezer. He is finding a consistency with major chords. See Conor, it's ok to enjoy life and music.


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