25 August 2008

We Got Some Wine and Some Paper Cups

This is a little belated, I know. But, I'm completely hooked on the latest Death Cab For Cutie record Narrow Stairs. It may take some growing, but it's become a recent favorite and possibly their most cohesive album to date.

After Transatlanticism - possibly one of my favorite records from earlier this decade - I was certain that they may have reached their pinnacle. And I was nearly validated in that thought when Plans was released. Plans, although a great record in its own right, was not the complete package that Transatlanticism was. So it made sense that it was only downhill from there.

To my pleasure and surprise, Narrow Stairs stands out as their best and probably boldest album of their long career. I highly recommend this record. If not the record go buy the song "Grapevine Fires." I promise you'll be sold after hearing it.


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