20 September 2005

A movie script ending

So the New York Yankees have somehow sneaked their way into a position where they could actually still win the AL east. They are now within a half game of the Red Sox. I have to give it to the Yanks...they are resiliant, but I honestly thought they would just have to sit this year's playoffs out. I'm still hoping the Sox can edge them out, but then again I don't really want to see the Sox make it all the way to the Series, because then it will be a repeat of last years Cardinals/Sox series and the Sox are one of the only teams in baseball who could sweep my Cards.

Either way things turn out, the end of the season is turning out to be a nail-bitter. This is why I love baseball. The tension, the pride, the trash talking, the walk-off homeruns to win by 1 and the teams that aren't going to give up until they've secured their spot in the playoffs.


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