21 August 2007

I've been sleeping

I've been mostly excited about new music lately. The new White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins, Travis, As Cities Burn, The New Amsterdams and several other records on shelves as of late have really encouraged me that the state of music as we know it today has not completely fallen to crap. Then there are bands who - without void of un-warrented hype - have become today's biggest sellers. See the above photo of the band Yellowcard. First of all the name is horrible (a poor soccer reference at best), the band hosts a violinist for is screechy sound of pop punk which is a novelty at best and at worst makes the music even worse with Irish-jig-esq violin howling behind the less than tolerable vocals and to top it off a sincere (at least for this year) following of teenies waiting in the wings of concerts with their parent's money hoping to buy everything with the band's name on it.

Yes, this is a rant, but as encouraged as I get about music when really good new music comes my way, I still feel like there is a steamy pile of crap around every corner and in every FYE. Just because Spin.com cannot go one day without writing about Tegan and Sara does not make them good. Actually, if I can say one thing about Tegan and Sara is that they are ALL hype.

Moral of today: Don't buy the hype. Buy good music.

Oh and if you would like to know what I think "good music" is just email me and I'm glad to spend some time shelling out opinions.


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