25 August 2008

We Are Not Two, We Are One

Speaking of "Best-of-their-career" albums, shall I introduce you to the newest Norma Jean record? I shall. It's titled, The Anti-Mother and in my opinion, it's the best they've done yet.

Some have argued that their previous record, Redeemer, was the best of their almost decade-long career. I have to disagree wholeheartedly. The Anti-Mother is not only a more intimate, personal and vivid record, it's a sign of five young men making extremely bold musical decisions that paid off big time. Throw in some song writing and vocal/musical help from Chino Morino (Deftones) and Page Hamilton (Helmet) you're bound to have something sweet come to the surface.

And it was most definitely something sweet. Raw guitars, temperamental chord progressions, passionate (and haunting) vocals and a dark vulnerability combine to create what many aim for but few achieve: a career-defining record that is great from start to finish


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