26 September 2005

You bow to no one

I got to see Sufjan (pronounced Soof Yon) Stevens at the Cannery Ballroom. Despite that being a horrible venue the performance was entertaining and great. He is kind of quirky but it's more interesting that a lot of what's out there today. I would gladly see him perform again if he were to return to this area.

More in music, I will be attending Dillinger Escape Plan in the next few weeks. That is a show that is more exciting/scary than any I may have every seen.

Also, My Morning Jacket will be playing Nashville's City Hall on Oct. 8. That is one to look forward to as well.

In movies I finally invested four hours in the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended cut. It's amazing. The added scenes really added to the entire story, but were good to have been taken out of the original cut. I'm certian that this Trilogy is the most epic story ever.

In sports, the Yankees and the Red Sox are still tied for first place in the AL east. They both have four home games against weaker opponents before the Yanks head to Fenway to spend the last three days of the season playing the Sox. It's 100% pure nail-bitting excitement.


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