25 August 2008

Recently the Two of Us Jumped Off That Train

I was mildly shocked to find out that Obama tapped Joe Biden as his running mate. Of course, it makes sense to bring someone with loads of foreign policy and international relations experience to a campaign that many feared lacked just that. I guess it doesn't make sense to me, though. See, I thought the entire purpose (some may call it a slogan) of the Obama campaign was "Change." Obama himself would be a huge change in Washington. A young, vibrant, black man in the oval office. That's a huge change from every other President in history being an old(ish) white dude. Now, with one hope to have a White House without an old white dude running the show, Obama now has an old white dude at his side.

Change? I call that a cop out and very much the opposite of change. I think it's another way to keep things the same. Obama, a man very much against lobbyists, is now bringing a man who's pulled in over $5 million in lobbyists dollars to his congressional tenure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Obama's stances on major issues or his vision for this country. I just see that tight financial leash remaining securely around 1600 Penn.

I am such a skeptic.


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