29 August 2008

She's Got It. Yeah, Baby, She's Got It

He's done it! Sen. John McCain has chosen his running mate. And to everyone's (read also: no one's) shock and awe, it was a woman. Gov. Sarah Palin (AK - pictured above with McCain), to be exact. I find it hilarious that many political pundits are referring to Palin as "a maverick" and "McCain's ace in the hole." I guess the term "maverick" doesn't really resonate with me for a young Governor of Alaska and "ace in the hole" is just funny because it sounds childishly funny when you hear loud voices on CNN quoting it.

I think she's good for the McCain campaign, though. A young, vibrant, former athlete, woman certainly can't hurt McCain's old-as-moses image. And her stance on oil/energy and the environment is pretty great. Tax the crap out of big oil companies and open more unused US territory to oil drilling. And she can't hurt with the soccer mom vote either.

According to her Wikipedia Bio, she holds a degree in Journalism (don't all the greats?) and worked simultaneously as a news anchor and a fisherwoman with her husband.

We'll see if this really bumps the McCain campaign and if this, more youthful, feminine image, will be a step in the right direction. I'm sure we're still to hear more from the Obama campaign. I think their stance is: young and pretty, don't do no good for Old Glory.

That may be true unless by "Old Glory" you're referring to John McCain. For him I think she'll do a lot of good.


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