29 September 2005

as vicious as roman rule

John Roberts is in. I'm glad. I think he'll be good for the court and the country. After reading and listening to a lot of what he and others have had to say I think he is a quality guy and will be true to his word as Chief Justice of the United States. The Senate must feel the same way too, because with a 78-22 vote the confidence must have been extremely high.

In other political news Senate Majority Leader Tom Delay has (temporarily) stepped down while under the indictment of shady campaign financing. He spent a lot of time on the air yesterday on FoxNews with Brit Hume and on MSNBC's Harball with Chris Matthews. On both shows he pretty much had the same things to say, but he seemed very confident in his innocence and seemed willing to give testimony under oath. He was also very quick to answer any question the media had for him. He did have some attacking statments against his accusers, but I guess it's better for him if he discredits them early.

In movies, I saw the extended preview for the new Harry Potter movie. It looks really amazing. I need to watch the second and third to catch me up on the story. That along with The Chronicles of Narnia are going to make this holiday movie season spectacular.


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