30 September 2005

respect the LMNO

The University of Alabama faces off against Florida tomorrow in Tuscaloosa. Alabama is famous for playing to the level of their competition (see: last week v. Arkansas) so I'm hopeful that they will step up their game, use the home field/crowd advantage and beat the gators in traditional Crimson Tide fashion.

I think Defense will either make or break this game for us.

And Vanderbilt has a stirking chance to be 5-0 after facing MTSU. Their first appearance on ESPN 2 since 1999. How about that?

And I'd like to see South Carolina step up and win over Auburn, but that's an improbable hope.

Now begins the three game series between the Red Sox and Yankees to end the MLB season. The Curse is broken, they're in Fenway and they need two of three to knock the Yanks out of the playoffs (with the exception of the Yanks potential wild card shot). You just can't beat this time of year.


At 1:50 PM, October 03, 2005 , Anonymous Chris said...

South Carolina didn't have a chance friend.


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