13 October 2005

Cut the lights, Kill the music

Sometimes I experience amazing joy in my life. A true joy that surpasses almost anything I've felt before and I wonder why I've been so blessed to have this. Few words can describe it and no one can really get the deep meaning of it across in a song or a book or a movie. It's something that I'm sure most have experienced and can relate, but I wonder sometimes why I can't always feel like this. I wonder what in my life keeps me from being constantly surrounded by this feeling. Then I begin to think of Heaven and God and the true Glory of Christ. I imagine sitting at the feet of a perfect, eternal creator and thinking how much more joy I will contain then. It's hard to think about. A little bit mind blowing at times. I just can't seem to conceptualize the difference between the greatest of all earthly feelings and the surpassing greatness of the feelings of eternity in Heaven.

Tim Keller of Redeemer in New York gave a powerful sermon on eternity with God. It made me realize the surpassing greatness of Christ's love for us and the joy He has awaiting us in Heaven. C.S. Lewis also writes ideas of Heaven in his book The Great Divorce. He describes the pain on earth as petty and of having no consequence. And he paints an amazing picture when he explains that if you take all of the miseries, the lust, the pain, the anger and the spite of hell and compare it to the least of the joy in Heaven that it would be no bigger than a piece of dust. It would have no weight, not measure to fully stack up to the wonderful glory that awaits those who love Christ as their own.

I'm not quite sure where all of this came from, but after having experienced some of the strongest feelings of joy in my life recently I can hardly be anything less than blown away to imagine what God has in store for His children who love with the heart of Christ and who live a patient and serving life on earth.

"But God made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding"
Jeremiah 10:12


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