21 October 2005

I never conquer for fear

Last night I went to see the documentary Grizzly Man. It was an experience like no other watching this film. It is the story of Timothy Treadwell, a man who spent 12 summers in the wilderness in Alaska living among the bears and other creature and during the hybernation season he would travel and speak and educate on the needed protection for these animals.

The documnetary incorporates some of the nearly 1,000 hours of footage that Treadwell shot while by himself with footage from the creators to tell this story of his life and efforts. Some of his personal footage shows him in a pretty insane light. He truly thought that he was the only thing that was protecting these bears. He broke many federal and state laws to continue living with them and endured threats from travelers, authorities and nature in this process.

In the end, Treadwell realized that he could no longer take living among humans so he returned to the wilderness just before hybernation and due to lack of food resources for the bears, he and his companion were eaten alive.

Don't worry...I didn't just ruin the movie. This is one of the aspects that becomes known really quickly. I don't know that I'll watch it again, but I am certainly glad that I did get to see it last night.

UT v. UA and AU v. LSU...should be a good weekend


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