29 June 2006

Long Distance Call

Get Ready for THIS

Long Distance Call

Get Ready for THIS

28 June 2006

Will you hold them?

The new Underoath record is amazing. It had an amazing first week of over 97,000 record sales. That is huge for a Tooth and Nail Christian hardcore band.

The new Keane record is pretty amazing as well. I've also been rocking the new Phoenix record and still enjoying the latest Appleseed Cast.

The World Cup is at a very exciting stage. The US proved useless in this showing. A draw and two losses is not good. But I was glad to see Ghana move ahead. Those guys were class sportsmen and I enjoyed watching their enthusiasm when they played.

David Beckham has been very lethal in the tourney as England has been playing very strong. They just havent been able to finish very strongly.

God bless friends that have Tivo so I dont miss a match.

I still haven't seen X-Men III yet. Nor have I seen Nacho Libre, which I hear is pretty funny.

For some amazing worship music check out The Glorious Unseen. It's pretty amazing

13 June 2006

this is not the time nor place

Last night I was lucky enough to see The Stills perform live at the Exit In. They performed with an awesome little band called Rouge Wave. The show was simply amazing. The Still's drummer is flawless and was great to watch. That's the kind of stuff that you don't really catch on the recording. The Still's new record is really good as well. I suggest a listen if you havent already

You can catch the new Underoath video HERE

It's really well done.