19 May 2005

Sweet Lincoln's Mullet

This is rediculous. It is an organization attempting to persuade Christians (and non-Christians alike) to fast from going to the theatres to see Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. Their claim is that too many people get caught up in the worldy aspect of this movie and are neglecting God while doing so. I really shouldn't go on about this, because it will just make me rowdy. Go to the site and judge for yourselves.

In sports I am glad to see congress stepping in and pushing for a two-year suspension from Major League Baseball for first-time offenders. I say if they're going to cheat, they have no place in the game. That goes for some of my favorites. If they cheat, then send them out.

17 May 2005

The Death of Mankind

This is going to be the downfall of all interpersonal life as we know it.

God Bless you Sony Inc.

No it's a cardigan...

Malcolm Glazer, owner of the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has gained control of more than 75 percent of Manchester United.

There are many concerns here. First and foremost an NFL owner is digging his rich little hands into the tradition-rich pot of the English Premiership. There is a great fear that he will gain over 90 percent of the club in just a short time, which would force any other share holders to sell him the remaining 10 percent.

Here's the tricky part. All of this Glazer's debt will now rest on the Manchester United franchise. He may even take United off the stock market, making completely private. Now, since he will have debt resting in the team, it is assumed that he will be letting go of priority players to save money and potentially selling Old Trafford, which is where United has been playing since 1910.

Now, I'm not a United fan at all. I kind of despise the team with the exception of Sir Ferguson and Tim Howard. I do, however, stand on the side of all United supporters and realize that Glazer could be be the king that brought down the castle and ruin this amazing tradition of a team. I stand behind United supports who will be wearing black shirts and waving black flags at the next United match. For this is a dark time for a great tradition.

Hopefully Glazer won't prove to be as harmful as many have thought.

Now a thought on the U.S. currency: It's weak. WEAK. I bought British notes for my trip to Belfast today and it cost me $280.30 USD for 145 GBP. I'm flustered

10 May 2005

I choose business ethics

I have never really been into Connor Oberst's music. I think he is a brilliant songwriter, however his voice and general person annoy me to no end. His voice is the main thing that distracts me from enjoying his music. However, the two new Bright Eyes records are great. They are the first of his records that I have enjoyed from the start. "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning" and "A Digital Ash in a Digital Urn" are both well written (as is all of his material), but for some reason I am not distracted by any of his previous annoyances. His additions of vocals from Emmylou Harris, Maria Tayor and the lead singer of My Morning Jacket are all tastefull and pleasing.

I could do without a lot of his anti-war rhetoric. Connor...we know. You hate Bush and you don't agree with the war. That's fine, just quit littering good music with cheesy sentiments.

On another Saddle Creek Records note, Maria Taylor of Azure Ray will be releasing a solo record. I look forward to this, because I have enjoyed most (if not all) of Azure Ray's music.

Onward into the world of sports. Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns hoisted the trophy for the MVP award last night before their game against the Dallas Mavericks. I have said for the last three or four seasons, that Nash is the best player in the NBA. He averages nearly 14 points per game and over 10 assists. He is great. One of the few pure players left in the league. Since John Stockton's retirement, Nash has been a player of grace. He has led two different teams to NBA playoffs. I need not go on.

In other news, I will be going to see Kingdom of Heaven tonight. Hopefully it will be as amazing as I am hoping it to be.

06 May 2005

Go Ninja

Japan is apparently stepping up to the plate and getting involved in the the North Korea nuclear weapons issue. This is a good thing. No one else seems to be doing anything about it. The US is in a sticky situation, because N. Korea has threatened to US not to get involved. So, Japan is being awesome and getting the UN involved. Good for them.

On a random note: In San Fransisco this week at an Adult Entertainment Expo, whore classes were given. Yes, that's correct....whore classes. People interested in this, still illegal, occupation were taught how to market themselves, relieve stress and earn more money for your time. This completely dissapoints me. I could rant here, but I shall refrain.

It is Friday, the day after 05-05-05. I remember when it was 9/9/99. That was pretty cool.

02 May 2005

I ran 13.1 miles

That's right. I ran a half-marathon. Hopefully that is something I can convince myself to never do again. Not that it was terribly hard, but I just don't like running that much.

Just for the record: I hate the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Braves. However, I respect the Braves. I do not respect the Heat. They swept the Nets in four straight games. Impressive?? Not really. The Nets barely made the playoffs this year and the team was not a solid unit. During all the games I was glad to see the refs calling tighter calls with Shaq, despite his moaning. Just because he is bigger than the other centers doesn't mean he can play them the same way he would play Tim Duncan or Yao Ming. SHUT UP SHAQ!

I will be sick if the Heat wins the NBA championship.

The Braves took the St Louis Cardinals 2 games to 1 this weekend with Saturday's game being questionable. Bobby Cox argued that a ground ball hit Albert Pujols in the foot as he ran to second base after two runs had already been pinned for the Cards.

I get frustrated at calls overturned like these, because the home plate umpire never overturns strike or missed strike calls when a skipper comes to argue. There is no instant replay in baseball and once a call is made I think it should stand unless every umpire on the pitch agrees that it needs to be changes. Calls should not be changed on the simple protesting of Bobby Cox.

The Cardinals still hold 1st place in the NL Central. And I really like that the Washington Nationals are atop the NL East division. Coming from Montreal with a terrible team, it is good to see a team have a total turnaround like this.

Celebrity Gossip: Apparently Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes. This is all according to Holmes' publicist. Holmes is my age 24 ( I think) and Cruise is nearly my parents' age. I still think that is kind of creepy. I know, I know....he's Tom Freaking Cruise right? Yeah, well he's still dating a girl half nearly half his age.

I just received "Desiring God" by John Piper in the mail (Thanks Mom) and I am really looking forward to reading it. According to those he have read it the purpose of the book is to expose our true duty as Christ believers to fully desire God. I look forward to this.