21 July 2006

I slipped right though the cracks in the floor

With all that is going on in the world today (Israel at war, Stem Cell vetos, Paris Hilton releasing a 2nd single from her rap/pop/regae album) there are several things that come to my attention:

-Most of the music I've been listen to recently has come out of Europe (Muse, Mew, Kent, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, U2, Coldplay). I'm ok with this

-War (sometimes) is the answer

-Should the term French Kissing be changed to Freedom Kissing??? I don't think so.

-Zinadine Zidane went out with a bang. It wasnt the classiest move, but he played his entire career with integrity and class sportsmenship. Maybe it was just time to let that bird fly. And him being sent of the pitch did not lose France the final. Every person on the field should have been able to make a penalty kick 10 out of 10 times.

-American "pop" music is at an all time low right now. People are complaining about illegal downloading, loss of sales, loss of profit, cutbacks. I think this all all boils down to the fact that My Chemical Romance, The Pussycat Dolls, Maroon 5 and James Blount are the "IT" bands right now. The reason labels are losing profit is because no one wants to buy that crap. I keep thinking of the phrase "flash in the pan" and I think bands and artists do so much better to maintain for a long time at a medium level of success rather than be huge for a summer.

12 July 2006


The MLB All-Star game was a great one last night. It seems that the NL just can't squeeze out a win in these games lately (see the past 8 years or so).

And you know?? It is ok to listen to MXPX every once in a while.

10 July 2006

If it ended tonight

Underoath has sold 130,000 (plus) records in two weeks. This is crazy for a Christian hardcore band to do this. They were number 2 on billboard right behind Nelly Furtado. They knocked Busta Rhymes and Dixie Chicks out of their spots. Crazy!

MeWithoutYou is going to be releasing a new record this fall that is going to be amazingly great.

I'm not into Panic! At The Disco. But I have been enjoying the new Stills record and the new Keane as well.

I'm sad that the World Cup is over. It was great to have constant access to great soccer. I may have to get digital cable just so I can watch the premiership this year.