25 September 2007

God loves a terrier

I watched a fantastic documentary titled Maxed Out. It is amazing. It exposes some dark truths about credit card companies and credit (FICA) reports. It also tells the story of people dealing with debt and who have been affected by it so negatively by it.

You must watch this. Add it to your Netflix cue. If you don't have a Netflix account. Get one!

**My poor St Louis Cardinals won't be in the playoffs this year. So sad

18 September 2007

If you take it or leave it

A great quote from the film Fight Club: "The things you own, they end up owning you." Spoken by Tyler Durden, these words ring so true. These words ring true for me and for many around me.

I'm not saying we need to go live like Eustice, the very minimal man that Elizabeth Gilbert biographies in The Last American Man, but we can turn and focus on not living for so much stuff.

Just a random thought I thought I'd bring up.

11 September 2007

We were born to love

The title of this post is a lyric from a Zwan song. The words couldn't be more true on a day like today

10 September 2007


Last night on the MTV Video Music Awards, Justin Timberlake said one of the best things I've heard a pop celebrity say in quite some time. After accepting his award from three of the girls from MTV reality show "The Hills," JT said his quick thanks to MTV and then made the plea to "play more music video!" He even alluded to the fact that MTV aired way too many reality shows and pleaded more than once to play more music videos. It was pretty awesome and I was in shock finding myself impressed and appreciative of something Timberlake said.

Oh...the above picture is of a sonic boom. Enjoy

07 September 2007

What is this Santa Clause?

Last night I watched the amazing documentary God Grew Tired of Us. This is an amazing documentary that covers an almost 20 year span of the Lost Boys of Sudan as they fled their homeland to Ethiopia to escape the war and genocide and then to Kenya to a camp that the UN helped establish.

After nearly 10 years at the camp in Kenya, the US government helped many of them relocate to the US. This transition was so amazing to see and to see from a first-person perspective of someone who's seen the horror in Sudan their entire life.

There's such a message of perseverance and hope in this documentary. It really made me put my life and my needs into perspective. So, go ahead and add this to your Netflix cue and thank me later.

We are here. Now!

The new iPod is here. Touch screen, WiFi capable, partnership with Starbucks. I think it's genius. Great. Fantastic and I want one. I think it helps level the playing field a little for people who would like the capabilities of the iPhone but can't make that commitment.

I may just have to get one. But I'll let 'em sit on the market for a while, drop in price, up in features, then I'll get one. I'm not going to be one of those suckers who buys one the first day then two weeks later they're 200 bucks cheaper with cooler tricks.

05 September 2007

I fall asleep

The new release from Minus the Bear titled "Planet of Ice" is really good and I've enjoyed getting to listen to it. It still has their uniqueness to it, but is a bit different than their past few records. I'm happy with this purchase.

Take it back once more

I am definitely not ok with THIS. Too much playing God going on these days.