27 March 2007

Too much to hide

A nice Photo to start a very ranting post

I am extremely tired of Jon Edwards being so public and over-saturating the media with his wife's health conditions. He has even made it the main page article on his website.

[Warning: Personal Commentary Ahead] Come on John! All I know of you is that your wife has cancer and the two of you are going to fight it tooth and nail. And I completely sympathize with the Edwards family. I know that is a tough position to be in and must be a physically and emotionally taxing time for them. However, I would like to know a few things from Mr. Edwards, like, for instance, something on foreign policy, national deficit, national healthcare, social issues such as minimum wage, stem cell research, gay marriage, etc....

And, NO, John....Tomorrow does NOT begin today. It starts TOMORROW.

23 March 2007

Momma Didn't Raise No Fool

A Good Way To Ruin My Week

**Note: I will always support Tony LaRussa and the St Louis Cardinals, but I will not ever support driving drunk. Hiring a cab/car is a much better plan and can always help avoid treacherous situations like this

The new Maylene and the Sons of Disaster record "II" is out now and is a really fun record to listen to.

There is a lot of political flare being tossed around in the media. But it seems like nothing is fresh....nothing new. Just regurgitated statements, opinions and condescending remarks. Obama, Clinton, Left, Right, War, Elections, Edwards, Gore......

And speaking of Al Gore....I love that he's taken a great concern for our earth and the "rapid" global warming that's been occuring. Gore continually talks about about reducing our home energy costs will contribute to the slowing of Global Warming and the melting of the Polar Ice Caps, but if you have a look HERE you can clearly see hypocrisy in that Gore doesn't really practice what he preaches. One of his monthly energy bills in 2006 exceeded what the National Average is for ONE YEAR per American household!

Mr. Gore.....Get your life figured out.

I recently saw the movie 300. It was simply amazing. One of the most visually stunning movies I have ever seen and not to mention that, despite that Hollywood-ization of the film, that these events actually happened and a Spartan army of 300 men held off Xerxes' army of tens of thousands of men before sacrificing themselves as a means of never submitting.

I think that is enough for now