29 November 2007

Yesterday I woke up

To follow up on my post below, I want to share my disgust in the obesity epidemic in the United States. That's right, I said "epidemic." Considering that the obesity rate in our country has more than doubled since 1980 [15% in 1980 to 32% today] I think saying that it's an epidemic is mostly fair.

But let's not just look at the number 32%. Let's break that down to the real number of obese people in the US: 72 Million. Outrageous? I think so. Also outrageous? The fact that researchers are "encouraged that our obesity rate is plateauing." Thank God, that it's not rising any higher, but how about let's get encouraged when our country figures it out and that rate starts rapidly declining.

I feel like some might consider my opinion harsh or insensitive. I feel like my opinion is warranted as it relates to this disheartening statistic.

Some might ask if I have solutions. Of course I do, but I can't solve anyone's weight issues. So I'd rather the solution be assumed by each individual whether struggling with obesity or not.

And, personally speaking, I could do without the TLC documentaries highlighting the individuals who come to live in obesity clinics. Those are just depressing. But then again, I am the only one responsible for what I watch on TV.

28 November 2007

Canvas Color

According to this ABCnews.com article people who are overweight can help themselves shed the unwanted pounds simply by standing more during the day, rather than sitting so much.

Researchers claim that the enzymes needed to help break down fat quicker simply shut down when we sit. And while that's a very important thing to take note of I think a valid point stands in that there are millions of people who do sit all day and still maintain amazing health.

I suggest that, instead of standing more and sitting less in our adult years, we focus more on not feeding ourselves too much crap and being lazy in the years preceding our "I'm an adult and work 40 hours a week at a desk" years.

I just think it could be faulty for people to think that they can still eat fast food four times a week and not do any exercise and simply stand a few extra minutes a day to offset their horrible lifestyle. We are such a lazy-minded country (personal opinion warning). I hate it.

27 November 2007

Save the World

I must admit that, after what was a stunner (and I mean that is a good way) of a first season, the NBC hit show, Heroes, has been in a steady decline during this second season. It's completely obvious that the show has lacked a strong, interesting story line comparable to the first season. Even the shows creator and executive producer Tim Kring offered an apology for the struggling story and lack of intensity and excitement.

There is one episode left for this season and, personally speaking, it better be perfect. It better answer a lot of questions and see a lot of the, still-lingering, weak characters disappear.

I do appreciate when a show's creators know that it's not fairing so well, but it just surprises me that with a strong cast and a great (potential) story to build on, that you can't keep making greatness with it. But, alas, they have not and my love affair with, what was a great TV show during it's first season, may be over after the second if things don't really shape up. And quick.

Oh and don't think that LOST isn't on thin ice with me as well. I'm actually glad that they've had a long off season, because they really need to get it together after the train wreck that was the third season.

Fall back

According to the newest UN Annual Table and THIS article Iceland (pictured above) has overtaken Norway as the world's most desirable place to live. Iceland, Norway and Australia are the three top countries. Following them were Canada and Ireland (really? Ireland?). But I guess the results come from an objective measure of life expectancy, education levels and real, per-capita income, among other things.

The US dropped this year from 8th to 12th. The report shows that a decreasing life expectancy in the US played a major role in its decline (I'd like to first thank all the fast food chains, creative marketing and horrible parenting for this honor).

Anyway. As I've been reading and watching a lot about Iceland lately (mostly with the new release of the Heima DVD) it's cool to see a very cool, stable and uniquely great country get such a recognition. Now I just need to go backpack the country/island and see it for myself.

26 November 2007

I'm a business man

Last night I watched American Gangster. The movie was great on so many levels. Ridley Scott did a fantastic job directing this film. Denzel Washington's performance was phenomenal (but isn't he always great?). And the story of Frank Lucas (the Harlem gangster that Washington portrays) is completely fascinating on so many levels.

The only negative is that there were so many quick cuts through portions of the story. Parts of the story that I wish they could have dedicated much more time to, but understandably could not, as the movie is already nearly two and a half hours long.

But I digress. Just know that it's a great story and a great film. Well worth nine bucks and nearly three hours at the theater.

19 November 2007

Like this monster

The film Heima by Sigur Ros is, hands down, the most amazing film I have ever seen in my entire life. That is a bold statement and, quite possibly, applies only to myself, but it is the perfect combination or audible and visual art. It's perfect. Inspiring.

16 November 2007

I've been waiting

The capitol city of Scotland, Edinburgh, is the most amazing city I've ever visited in my entire life. A wonderfully preserved history, amazing architecture, the nicest people, great weather, beautiful landscapes, shopping, dining, education, entertainment. The list goes on.

Needless to say, I will be visiting Edinburgh again. It's amazing


In the midst of a seven hour flight I was lucky enough to watch "The Simpsons Movie". It was a tough choice between that, "License to Wed" with Mandy Moore and some romantic comedy with Catherine Zeta-Jones. And as much as I have always enjoyed The Simpson tv show, I have never devoted as much time to it as I should have. I don't regret my hours and days devoted to Saved by the Bell, but I know now that I should have been paying attention to The Simpsons much more.

The movie is fantastic. Even with my cheap, airplane headphones I found myself laughing out loud and really impressed at the wit of the script. It's brilliant. And the passive (and not-so-passive) social commentaries are hilarious.

I'm also enjoying digging into the BBC's Planet Earth series. It some of the most amazing footage I've ever seen. Highly recommended

01 November 2007

I'm Your Silver Lining

Rest in peace, Goulet.