21 September 2010

Now and Always

Currently the "hot button" issue this mid-term election season is - yet again - Don't Ask, Don't Tell. To be brief, it's absurd that this is not only still an issue, but what pundits are tagging as *the* hot button issue this time 'round.

It's things like this that continue to chip away at the faith that many have in our political system when our candidates neglect to prioritize infinitely more important items such as our nation's crippling debt and the black hole that is the war in the Middle East (which is one of the main causes of the aforementioned crippling debt).

So, when you consider those to whom you'll give your vote, please make sure that they're ones with our nation's priorities in order.

03 September 2010

We Can Work It Night By Night

This one is for Peanut over at Looking For Like. He like many doesn't really like (or maybe really *get*) Chromeo. But aside from great talent and wicked smarts - Chromeo co-founder, David Macklovitch, is currently getting his PhD in French Literature - the duo simply creates music that's fun, nostalgic and (admittedly) a little silly. And that seems to be the catch; even though the guys are really talented, they seem to not take themselves too seriously.

Click on the video above to watch the video for the single Night By Night that will be on their upcoming album of the same name.

01 September 2010

Heaven is Waiting

With thanks to Ryan Burleson, I have been led to the new Max Richter album, infra.

It's swooping tones and general ambiance provided by Richter's classically-influenced piano and strings arrangements is reminiscent of the younger (and obviously Richter-influenced) Ólafur Arnalds.

Listen here and enjoy.