31 March 2008

God Only Knows

A great article from pastemagazine.com is a ode to the official opening day of Major League Baseball. A highlight of the article is the Ricky Henderson haikus. See them below:

Written in 2005, with "a little special help from Pabst Blue Ribbon..."

Rickey Henderson
Thank you for ending career
It was beyond time

Rickey is not here
Please call Rickey back later
Is what Rickey said

No one to talk to?
Maybe talk to yourself now
In the third person

You are not Lou Brock
You have stolen more bases
But, not cool like Lou

Back in ‘89
Your first World Series title
Man, you were old then

Finally retired
World Series of Poker now
To keep you busy

You wore blade glasses
Long before they were deemed cool
Fashion pioneer

Do you know the way
To the baseball old folks home
Let me show you now

When you were drafted
Ford was U.S. president
I was fucking five!

26 March 2008

We Own The Sky

A few weeks ago I found a teaser track from the upcoming M83 record "Saturdays = Youth," but I recently acquired the entire record and I must say that it is phenomenal in its entirety. Check out the myspace for the single off the record, but in a couple of weeks, you'll want to go ahead and purchase the entire record.

You, Appearing

I found this awesome article on The Die Line, a great blog that highlights great graphic and product design in the world today.

From the post: San Francisco-based Method's two latest products are arriving in stores across the country this month. Le Scrub and Lil' Bowl Blu mark the company's entrance into "deep cleaning" products and round out their line of bathroom products.

Featuring new distinctive packaging made from 25% recycled #2 HDPE plastic the products stand out on store shelves thanks to some clever and innovative design.

The packaging was designed in house by Method's own design team and features a soft blue color to match the products spa inspired eucalyptus mint scent Method's Katie Molinari said.

Le Scrub's packaging was designed to be highly functional with the top of the bottle serving as a storage place for the included microfiber cleaning pad. Molinari said the bottle was designed to eliminate the all the too familiar problem of tossing a cleaning sponge under the sink after use and never finding it again.

Lil' Bowl Blu is the company's first toilet bowl cleaner and was a product that spent a significant amount of time in development. The packaging design is functional and yields a product designed to make cleaning the toilet as much fun as possible

It's great to see companies combine functionality with environmental friendliness and corporate sustainability.

25 March 2008


A few weeks ago Rolling Stone published an opinion piece by Jann Wenner. It was a political piece called "A New Hope" and focused on Democratic hopeful Barack Obama. Now, I am not supporting anyone publicly at this point, but I did want to point out that this article is one of the best opinion pieces I've read in a while. You can read it HERE

24 March 2008

They Only Want You

A very interesting post I read on Green Daily shows results from NASA jet propulsion scientists that our oceans' temperatures are actually cooling, rather than the commonly expressed idea that our oceans are getting warmer. This comes on the heels of five years of testing the water temperatures.

I guess the heart-breaking stories of everything from plankton to polar bears losing their habitats and food source are simply...dare I say it? Propaganda? Probably not, but I'm still cynical. I have that right.

21 March 2008

You Want To Know What It's Like..

From the amazing minds at Twitter...

Thanks to Dave Delaney for leading me here

19 March 2008

The Time Has Come For You

I've recently found a wonderful site called HULU.com. It has hundreds of TV and movie clips as well as an entire bank of TV programs and films in their entirety and completely free of charge. An added advantage comes in that while there are intermittent advertisements, they are typically only 15 seconds long. And the speed on the site is amazing. It's so fast and takes practically no time to load.

On top of all that, they have a great archive of what I consider to be today's greatest sketch comedy, SNL's Digital Short. Oh, and the US Office is on there as well.

I say go and enjoy wasting hours of time.

06 March 2008

And So It Is..

Ok, so I may be the only one, but I just really don't like Vampire Weekend. I didn't like them before they were being hyped by every hipster in Urban Outfitters and every commercial break on Mtv. However, I think I may like them even less with all this hype surrounding them.

I feel like they have some decent melodies, but melodies that are regurgitated from old Belle & Sebastian songs. Some songs and instrumentation is a little *too* indie for my tastes. I can't really describe it. Maybe a little too....gratuitous. Maybe, just a little.

I have been really enjoying Thrice's "The Alchemy Index: Vol 1 and 2." I'm excited for the third and fourth volumes. Particularly check out their song "Digital Sea." It's awesome.

And a little late in the game (because I just bought the record), the New Pornographer's record "Challengers is pretty awesome. No, really. It is.

04 March 2008

You Shine Tonight

Well I can say I'm surprised, but not shocked. According to this BBC story, Colombia is calling on the Hague to bring charges in the International Criminal Court against Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. The charges, according to Columbian officials, accuse of "Financing genocide." The proof? files found on a confiscated computer that show Venezuela and Chavez providing $300 million to Farc, a known guerrilla terrorist sect.

I applaud Columbia for stepping up and bringing international attention to a country and leader that is so clearly corrupt. I'm excited to see how this progresses.