30 April 2007

If i just stay here

From ESPN.com

ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Cardinals are mourning a teammate for the second time in five years, and it isn't any easier this time.

Josh Hancock, a relief pitcher who helped the team win the World Series last season, died early Sunday when his sport utility vehicle slammed into the back of a tow truck, bringing back painful memories of Darryl Kile's death in June 2002.

This is truly a sad day in sports.

27 April 2007

Universal Traveler

So the Dems want the troops out. I still haven't made up my mind about this. Apparently Bush wants to veto the bill and continue with a heavy surge of troops and push for a quicker end to the turmoil with the US being involved. It's going to be interesting to see how this unfolds. Oct. 1 is the deadline that the Dems want.

Go listen to Explosions in the Sky

26 April 2007

I want to say

Vote YES for Trees this Arbor Day!

Emma is doing an amazing Arbor Day Campaign and would love you to be a part of it by voting YES for trees. For each vote (up to 5,000) a tree will be planted.

25 April 2007

A true LEGEND was laid to rest today. He was a man who did more for his country and this world than most of us could hope to do in 10 lifetimes.

24 April 2007

The daughter of a legend. A great actress (see: The Science of Sleep). And an amazing new album. Some great, fresh music. Listen here

20 April 2007

Get around

I've never watched any of this dude, but apparently is a good thing he's gone????

From Paste Magazine

With the April 24 release of their appropriately titled compilation SC100, Bloomington-based Secretly Canadian Records will both turn 11 years old and become the first Indiana label in history to issue 100 albums.

Fittingly, the good folks over at Secretly Canadian will be pulling out all the stops for this monumental occurrence. From April 12 to May 8, 11 of the label's finest titles will be discounted, including Songs: Ohia's Ghost Tropic, Damien Jurado's Where Shall You Take Me and Danielson's Fetch The Compass Kids.

Likewise, the label will release SC100, an 18-track compilation featuring the finest artists in Secretly Canadian's 11-year history all covering each other's songs.

** This is a great release from a great independent record label. Congrats to them.

19 April 2007

Sound Off

I was never meant

I've been reading a lot of Larry Elder's website. Here's what he has on there regarding Al Sharpton. Interesting

The new Blonde Redhead record "Misery is a Butterfly" is great.