27 May 2009

We Can Hear The Sound

It's awful to hear that GM may, in fact, be kaput. General Motors itself would still be an entity, but with the federally-imposed June 1 deadline looming, the auto giant is looking to be taken over by German auto giant, Opel.

You hate to see it come to this, but let's be honest...GM was over spending and under performing for many years (if not decades). And while this can add insult to injury with the US economy the way it is, it should not come as a shock.

If only the the Chevy Volt were here already.

22 May 2009

I am right, I swear I'm right

As I've said and written before, he's not much different than the guy before him and certainly not that different from his main opponent, Sen. McCain.

And it's been said before: The new boss is beginning to look a lot like the old boss. Take a minute to read

19 May 2009

You Wear That Dress Like a Dagger

I must admit, there's no real point in writing about Lost with the exception that it's one of the most brilliant TV series ever written.

Now, I never claim to fully understand this clever plot, but it makes investing in a TV series much more worthwhile when nearly everything has significance. It's not like the show Family Matters where Steve Urkel is the only thing that matters and the rest of the Winslow family is hidden by Steve's scene-stealing, "Did I doooo that?"

No, everything in Lost means something and something very important. From the color of the rocks to the relationship between (or among) everyone and a draw to a physical (yet hidden) location. This is very, very amazing.

I will admit that listening to people having a conversation about the show (myself included) sounds like people have lost their mind. But I think that this actually lends itself the creative genius of the writing.

Anyway, this is not to dissect the last season or even say how amazing/cliff-hanger-y the finale was. It's to say that if you haven't started on the Lost train yet, hop aboard, pal. Rent, buy, borrow the DVDs (or blue rays....nerd). Half.com has them cheap, but I bet your friend or neighbor has them to loan for free.

13 May 2009

Every Corner of the World

There is a film called Tokyo. It has three stories, three writers and is one of the most engaging films I've seen in a long time. The three segments/stories to this film were directed by Michael Gondry, Leos Carax and Joon-ho Bong, respectively and each carries with it an oddness and beauty that is fully surrounded by an immense artistic vision.

It seemed natural to walk out of the theater feeling a bit weird about what had just happened, but through all three films I was fully and entirely hooked on where the story was going and how visually intriguing it was.

11 May 2009


Why We Need HR 1207..

The Federal Reserve Inspector General was recently unable to tell Rep. Alan Grayson what goes on at the Federal Reserve and who has been receiving the trillions of dollars they created. This is very, very frightening.

You can help, by petitioning your local Reps to support HR 1207.

04 May 2009

In Honesty

If you haven't already, I highly recommend watching Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It's a film by everyone's favorite monotone, Ben Stein (Bueller, Bueller).

The documentary is extremely well-made and covers the topic of scientific communities worldwide pushing the study of evolution so far and rejecting anything that has to deal with intelligent design.

Stein does an amazing job of never being anti-evolution or anti-Darwinism, but digs into the reasons why the scientific community at large is disallowing the mention of intelligent design or creationism as a "Scientific Theory" or option and even going so far as removing people from positions of education for mentioning intelligent design.

In interviews, Stein does such a great job of simply asking questions. He never takes an attacking approach and comes to some shocking answers from some of the world's top Darwinians and Evolutionists.

It's on demand on Netflix, so you don't even have to add it to your queue. And if you don't have Netflix yet...shame on you. It will change your life.