31 March 2006

we might as well be strangers

Earthquake in Iran. 66 dead and counting.

What does that mean?

29 March 2006

Can I leave you a mesage?

This is the proposed memorial park for the World Trade Center in NYC. Personally, I think it's beautiful and would sit nicely in the financial district in Manhattan. And something really bizarre happened this week at Ground Zero. Some construction workers found human remains from 9/11 on the top of a nearby building that is set for demolition. That is absolutely crazy. Forensic scientists are going to do tests to find out who they belong to.

And speaking of basketball...it was great to see a sleeper step into the final four. But to be honest, I have not watched an entire basketball game all season (NBA or NCAA). I just can't get into it. It's lost its appeal to me. I'm just so ready for baseball season. The Cards have picked up some great position players in the off season and I am ready to see how they do.

In other news, Aruban officials have come to the conclusion that Natalee Holloway was not taken out to sea. Tests have shown that any human body dumped less than two miles off shore would have drifted back to shore. Someone would have had to take her more than two miles out and radar shows that there were no boats more than two mile off shore that night. They are now presuming that her body has been burried on the island more than one time. They are about to start a seach and attempt to cover the entire island using dogs that have been trained in Holland.

Ok I'm done.

24 March 2006

Hey Brother

Two things:

1) Arrested Development is one of the 3 funniest TV shows to have ever existed. The Office (UK) and Seinfeld are the other two.

2) Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink 182 and Boxcar Racer) has a new music group called Angels and Airwaves. The two videos on the site are really well done and the song that is on there is really good. The record will be released sometime in May and I am expecting really good things.

23 March 2006

who me???

I have to admit. I'm a little bummed out about apple computers right now. The newest apples (macbook pro & Imac) have initiated using intel processing chips instead of the G-processors they used in the earlier models.

At first I was really excited about this because of how much faster the dual processor in the Imac was going to be. Well, my friend got a brand new Imac a few weeks ago and it has crashed 4 times in almost as many weeks. His last computer (Imac G4) never crashed in the several years that he owned it. And, personally, my Powerbook G4 has never crashed in the almost 5 years that I have owned it.

I truly expected better from these new computers and am dissapointed to see that Apple had the guts to step into the PC world just a little bit and there are already problems.

NOTE: I am not against PCs or PC users. I am typing this from a great Dell PC right now. I just wish Apple would have stuck with the formula that has been proven to be great.

**Nerd Post

13 March 2006

Technicolor girls are always on the phone

One more photo from the Celebrity shots I took

10 March 2006

March Madness.

Belmont made it to the NCAA tournament. That's funny!

06 March 2006

What you say

I'm trying to make this like a journal entry, but I need to explain the photos. I was taking promotional photos of Celebrity this weekend in Nashville and we literally picked the most random woods to go into and found this amazing tree (like something out of a Tim Burton film) that was totally dead in the middle of a dead forrest. All around the grey and brown of the tree and forrest were the brightest green and yellow daffodils I've ever seen. They were spread all over and among them were headstones on graves of people who had died in the late 1800s / early 1900s. I wish these pictures could really convey the awesomeness of the place.

03 March 2006

You want to throw down?

Last night on ABC Primetime a story aired about the Laterday Saints (Mormon) sect in Colorado City, CO. It was really hard to watch and frustrated me to no end that an entire city, from merchants to police force, can be so terribly wrong about life.

Every person in the town held to strict beliefs and rules of Mormonism and polygamy. It was so scray to see every person dressed as many would in the early 1900's walking around town with typically more than 8 or 9 children. The woman who was featured had escaped the town and her husband who was also married to her sister. They all lived under the same roof and when the woman decided that the situation was wrong, her husband had her committed to a mental hospital (4 times to be exact).

All of that and she was the daughter of a man with 54 children and 7 or more wives who molested nearly all of his daughters when they were younger, because he believed that it was his right and duty as a man (according to Mormonism).

Anyway, it's crazy and the leader of the sect (the proclaimed "Prophet of God") is in hiding becuase he is wanted by the FBI on hundreds of charges.

Needless to say...let's not hang out in Colorado City.